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I employ an eclectic, strengths-based and collaborative approach to my clients tailoring interventions to best support each client. I enjoy using narrative therapy, CBT techniques, DBT skills, and Solutions Focused Brief Therapy from a feminist perspective and relational approach. I am accepting new adult clients and adolescent clients aged 15 or older for private pay individual counseling sessions. My rate for individual services is $125 for a 50 minute session. I am also an approved Medicare provider if your would like to use your Medicare coverage.

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Psychotherapy is a gift of self-care: a weekly opportunity to be your complete and whole self in a safe and welcoming space with someone who is fiercely advocating for your success. Therapy helps you learn to proactively address conflict, set boundaries, and better understand patterns of behavior.
Self-awareness and self-compassion help you assume positive intent towards yourself and others; consequently, this will broaden your perspective towards others, and empower you to build supportive relationships. Talking with a trained therapist offers opportunities for reflection and clarity. When you are more aware of your thoughts and feelings, you free yourself to manage them more deliberately.


I employ various approaches to couples therapy drawing on techniques from the Gottman Institute, Gestalt Theory, and CBT to help couples improve their communication,  gain better insight into the strengths and areas of growth, and promote strength in the relationship. I thoroughly enjoy working with couples, My rate for a 50 minute couples session is $150. 

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I served high school students as an educator and coach for fifteen years in Texas public schools. I earned my masters of science in social work at the University of Texas at Austin in 2009, and have worked as a social worker at Integral Care answering the crisis hotline, as a program manager at Communities in Schools, at a level one and two trauma emergency department, and have been working with individuals and couples in private practice for the past two years on a part time basis. I am also currently serving high school students as a social services specialist in AISD.  I aim to offer my clients a well-rounded, authentic, and supportive psychotherapy relationship to empower them to reach their goals.


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Approved Medicare Provider

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